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Solar Energy

Solar energy is the leading renewable energy choice for businesses in the world.

The cost to implement a utility-scale solar project has fallen by 70% from 2010 - 2020.  This has created an opportunity for institutions and companies to save on energy cost and meet environmental impact goals.  We provide flexible solutions to ensure that renewable energy projects are executed in a streamlined manner from start to finish.


Solar investing is a very low-risk investment, with yields that are greater than investment types of equivalent risk. It is also not affected by outside factors, other than inclement weather.  Global and local events do not affect solar earnings.

It is especially attractive because the returns on investment increase over the years as solar systems continue generating electricity with warranty. Investments in solar protect against inflation and unpredictable rate increases for the life of your solar energy systems. 

Commercial,  Industrial Real Estate and Universities

Solar provides companies with alternate streams of income.  Reduce operating expenses, unlock new advantages for your tenants and add value to your real estate assets. 


Solar Saves Money on Day 1

By adding a solar system to your roof, parking lot, or on the ground, you can begin saving money immediately, in comparison to what you pay your utility company. 

Create a New Revenue Stream for your business.

Many think of solar energy as a tool for saving money and bringing down the cost of the utility bill.  But Solar on any building can function as a completely separate stream of income for any business.

Universities and Curriculum

For many institutions, energy is the 2nd largest bill.  By adding solar, universities can increase their endowments, unlocking new scholarship, dorm funding and much more.  


Dargent's Renewable Energy Curriculum adds value to the institution and gives students the opportunity to excel in one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

Solar and Mining Farm

Location: Alabama

5 acres

Phase 1 of Buildout

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