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Dargent Real Estate acquires high-quality assets in strategic growth areas for development, resulting in a strong portfolio with sustainable profits.  Since 1996, we have been at the forefront of real estate asset management and developing. Our goal is to generate stable and growing real estate investment vehicles for our investors, while protecting them against downside risk.  Our assets are diversified across multiple U.S. markets to reduce exposure to movement in any single market, and to minimize volatility.

Thanks to Dargent’s experience and expertise in both Real Estate investing and Hedge Fund management, we have also paved new ground by being one of the first firms in the world to purchase and sell real estate using cryptocurrency.  Metaverse Investments (digital real estate, stocks, crytpocurrency) have become as valuable as their real-life counterparts, creating entirely new revenue opportunities for investors and companies.

Dargent's expertise in real estate asset management, finance, acquisition, sourcing, and development is helping more and more people experience financial freedom.  We integrate socially-conscious investing with investor goals of financial independence.


Commercial and Multi-Family

Single-Family Homes

USA Market Goals

  • Provide investors with options in the US Real Estate Market

  • Diversify operations in new markets within the US Markets

  • Invest in the largest mature real estate market in the world

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