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Positioning your business for the future is THE key factor in staying
relevant and profitable.

Dargent’s Business Consulting bridges the gap between traditional business structures and emerging markets.

Blockchain, Digital Assets, Renewable Energy, and Data Analytics are just a few ways in which companies can add income streams to their bottom line.


Dargent will assess your goals as a company, and create tailored solutions.

A company’s business strategy is a vital component in determining its future.
Whether yours is a small company or a large institutions, a valid strategy is essential in its realization of yielding growth and profit.

Detailed, step-by-step actualization, transforming the concepts within our consultation strategy plans into real-world action




Our client’s success is the only measurement for OUR success

Dargent Group consultation clients

Miami Mural Miles

Creating community wealth by changing the narrative.
Through murals and digital assets, communities are now building new income streams and civic pride.
In partnership with Brownsville Civic Neighborhood Association.

Featured artists Addonis Parker and Allah Emmanuel, kick off this city-wide revitalization program.

By creating an NFT awards program, Dargent Group is buiding for the future by creating more ways to build income for artists and communities.

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