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Dargent Real Estate Tokenization - building bridges

Retail investors and institutions alike can participate in projects that not only realize the attractive returns of real estate, but which also diversify their investments while simultaneously building and uplifting communities. Tokenization has opened up the opportunity for growing international wealth to nearly everyone, with zero boundaries.


What is Asset Tokenization?


Tokenization is a method of converting the rights to an asset into a digital token.

Real-world asset information can be transferred onto the blockchain, allowing for

ownership rights to be transmitted and traded on a secure global digital platform.

Dargent Group tokenizes development and multi-family assets.

The tokenization of real estate gives investors the freedom to invest capital how they choose, allowing for community transformation on any and every scale. Asset tokenization is the next evolution of commerce, at the vanguard of transforming the current token economy into one that is more democratic, more inclusive, and more efficient.


Dargent is currently offering tokenized projects in two geographical areas:

 Memphis, Tennessee


Multi-family development


 Cleveland, Ohio


Multi-family development


Dargent Group is a Cryptocurrency Certified Real Estate Agent  

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